Swipe card access systems, Geelong

BND Locksmiths

Electronic access systems, including swipe card access and keypad access systems give businesses and organisations maximum control over individual or group access levels to a property. At BND Locksmiths, we offer an end-to-end service, with everything handled in-house.

Our experienced team takes care of your entire electronic access system, from quoting to installation and programming. Whether you need powerpoints or security doors installed, walls removed, our Geelong key cutting service or wiring – you don’t have to worry about outsourcing to IT people or other trades to boost security for your property.

Swipe card access control systems

Decide property access control at individual or group level with custom swipe card access systems. At BND Locksmiths, we can design, install and program your system with timezones for certain staff, visitors or other third parties.

We’ve worked with local businesses, designing and delivering tailor-made swipe card access control systems in Geelong, Anglesea, Torquay, Lorne, Apollo Bay and beyond, integrating swipe card and keypad access technology in the one system.

From water-proof silicone wristbands for local surf livesaving clubs, to hospital ID badges that double as swipe cards – we can work to your specific requirements and budget.

Many businesses require different access levels or points of entry, from a main entry accessible to all staff and visitors, to storage areas or areas with sensitive information with access limited to authorised personnel.

We work with leading industry brands including Seadan Security and Electronics, Rosslare Security Products, Lock and Key, LSC and RhinoCo Technology to bring our customers the latest cutting-edge electronic access systems technology, ranging from magnetic card readers to custom-made cards, fobs and keypad access systems.

Keypad access systems

Keypad access systems can be integrated as part of an electronic access system, where certain access levels require keypad entry only, while areas with restricted access require swipe card entry.

Popular uses for keypad access systems include instances where delivery drivers require access to part of a property. We have also worked with disability centres, installing keypads on doors to allow medical personnel entry to rooms via a pin code.

Electronic access systems

Talk to BND Locksmiths about your specific requirements and we can design, install and service tailor-made electronic access systems. We’ve worked with schools, sports clubs, industrial facilities and medical centres, installing pressure mats in floors, CCTV, fobs, keypads and swipe card access systems with different zoning.

Our electronic access systems also provide information about who is entering and leaving the premises and at what time, for maximum peace of mind and control for our customers.

If your keypad or swipe card access system needs repairing or updating, our team is fully equipped to handle anything from small maintenance jobs to large-scale upgrades and system replacements or re-programming.