Geelong master keying services

BND Locksmiths

If you need master keying in Geelong, Anglesea, Torquay, Lorne, Apollo Bay and nearby areas, come to the experienced team at BND Locksmiths. We have top-quality machinery and almost a decades’ experience creating reliable master key systems for local businesses.

Master keying is needed in situations where more than one key is required to open a lock, such as in apartment buildings, motels, hotels and schools. Each key will be able to open multiple locks, including a master key that will open all locks in a building.

This reduces the need for people to carry multiple sets of keys and ensures building corporations or business owners can easily keep a record of where keys are at any given time and who has access to a master key.

Master keying is a cost-effective way to grant multiple people access to a building, without compromising on security – especially in conjunction with restricted keying.

Our domestic and commercial locksmiths in Geelong can perform master keying across all key profiles.

Master key systems

BND Locksmiths has worked with leading local organisations, including schools, health providers and industrial facilities to design, manufacture, install and maintain custom master key systems.

We can perform audits in line with governmental department regulations and provide recommendations to ensure master key systems, locks and door hardware is compliant with industry codes and legal requirements.

While new buildings are required to meet industry codes, older businesses in established buildings often require egress and fire and emergency exits to be updated. Call BND Locksmiths for a thorough review of your building. We can combine master keying with keypad and swipe card access systems for maximum security.

As Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia (MLAA) members, we guarantee exceptional service and have access to the best master keying systems and products available.