Geelong restricted keying

BND Locksmiths

If you need restricted keying for your Geelong property, call the experts at BND Locksmiths. As members of the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia (MLAA), we are authorised to provide top-quality restricted keying systems – giving business owners ultimate security and peace of mind.

Restricted keying allows business owners to control who has access to a building, with multiple levels of restricted keying systems available depending on your needs. These systems are ideal for motels, hotels, caravan parks, holiday rental properties, schools, commercial buildings and industrial facilities from Apollo Bay to Torquay, Lorne and Anglesea.

At BND Locksmiths, we offer restricted systems from well-respected locksmith brands, including Australian Lock Company, Lock and Key and Evva.

What are the benefits of restricted keying?

Restricted keying is a safe, cost-effective and efficient method of access control. Restricted keying involves inserting special restricted barrels into locks, which are only compatible with keyblanks available to a particular registered locksmith.

Each key cut under a restricted system must be authorised by the appropriate personnel nominated by the client. Keys are individually numbered and recorded by the locksmith and a record of authorised signatures is provided by the client.

BND Locksmiths can provide software to manage who has been issued a restricted key and what areas those keys provide access to. This is particularly useful when an employee leaves the business, ensuring the correct numbered key is returned.

The restricted keys are registered to BND Locksmiths. When key cutting is required, the client must provide a written request accompanied by the required authorised signatures.

As well as providing added security, our restricted keys contain a higher nickel content, and thicker and stronger profiles to reduce the likelihood of keys snapping inside the lock.

Restricted keying is often used in conjunction with master keying and electronic access systems, giving business and property owners maximum control over their assets.