New restricted keying system for Colac’s ALC

BND Locksmiths

The team at BND Locksmiths was excited to be part of a month-long project for the ALC in Colac, implementing a new restricted keying system. Our experienced locksmiths worked closely with the ALC team, ensuring the new restricted system met all requirements.

As is the case with many well-established businesses, the keying system at the ALC building was out-dated and the business had lost track of who had keys to which part of the building. This poses significant issues for the ALC and undermines the overall security of the business.

That’s where BND Locksmiths came in. As part of the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia (MLAA), we have access to the latest technology and top-quality products from leading brands.

We installed a brand-new, cutting-edge security system using Lockwood’s Generation Six™ restricted keying system, re-keying all locks to be compatible with the newer restricted system.

The highly-adaptable Lockwood Generation Six™ system features well-recognisable key design with the option to add coloured inserts for easy identification of individual keys.

BND Locksmiths maintains a record of ALC personnel who have been assigned keys, including colour-coded key identification. The ALC has also nominated personnel who are authorised to approve additional keys.

In the case of a new employee, BND Locksmiths will not issue a new key until we have written consent and the signatures of the nominated authorised personnel.

The new restricted keying system provides protection for the ALC, reducing the risk of unauthorised duplication of keys and restricting access to sensitive areas of the business.

As part of the project, BND Locksmiths also upgraded the locks on all main staffing entry and exit doors, installing commercial mortice locks for added security.

Please contact us if you would like more information about restricted keying systems and upgrading security at your business. We can design, install and service tailor-made security solutions.